“Know Before You Go Feature” Added to Emerging Horizons


In an effort to keep readers continually informed about the ever-changing world of accessible travel, I’ve added a cool new feature to the Emerging Horizons website “Know Before You Go” which will contains timely articles, access updates, travel tips and new resources for slow walkers and wheelchair-users. And the first article includes useful information about how to obtain free parking at Florida cruise ship piers and get a free pass on the state’s many told roads.

I’m also working on a breaking story about some changes in the air in regards to the transport of lithium-ion battery powered scooters on commercial air carriers. Unfortunately it’s not good news for folks who have these lightweight scooters, but it’s best to keep abreast of the changes so you won’t be surprised at the gate.

Upcoming entries will also include advice on finding wheelchair-accessible tours transportation and accommodations in the Big Apple, money-saving lodging tips, the skinny on the new ADAAG, and an update on wheelchair-accessible shore excursions in Europe and the Caribbean. Like I said, lots of great information.

Know Before You Go is available exclusively to Emerging Horizons subscribers, with entries posted between quarterly issues of the magazine. Best of all, the articles will be archived in a special password protected section of the Emerging Horizons website, so subscribers will always have access to them.

So surf on over and check it out. at emerginghorizons.com/know/.