Finally, an Accessible Travel Use for Duck Tape!


Over the years the Duck Tape PR Folks have sent me press releases, samples, photos and videos about how to use their products when you travel. Some ideas were practical (keep it in the glove compartment in case a hose breaks); while others bordered on ludicrous (take a roll of tape and some bubble wrap to make a pillow on your next flight). And although the latter example provided me with ample fodder for a bevy of happy hour jokes; I’m pleased to announce that out-of-the-blue I actually stumbled upon a practical accessible travel use for the product.

At first it sounded a little corny, but upon further examination I discovered it actually increased one woman’s independence — and hey, I’m all for increased independence. The problem at hand was those uncut curbs in the Caribbean, Africa and many rural parts of the world. Let’s face it, if you’re not able to wheelie up the curb, it may as well be a flight of stairs. And although some people carry portable suitcase ramps to solve the problem, they can be heavy and cumbersome to lug around. The solution — Well, craft your own wedge out of Styrofoam, wrap it with heavy duty plastic and secure it all with Duck Tape.

Seriously. And apparently this handy little wedgie has held up for several trips and supported 325 pounds.

To be honest, I just couldn’t believe that Styrofoam could be that durable and support that much weight; however it’s not made from your average craft store Styrofoam. It’s made from one-inch thick pieces of that pink Polystyrene insulation — you know the stuff they use on houses. Just cut four 16-inch X 24-inch rectangles and glue them together. After the glue dries, carve it into a four-inch high, 16-inch deep wedge. Then wrap it up with some heavy duty plastic and Duck Tape the heck out of it.

It might not be the most attractive device around, but it is lightweight. And apparently pretty sturdy. Plus you can even stow it in your suitcase, and still have enough room for your clothes. And I’m sure some of you seamstresses out there can even craft a canvas wedgie tote that attaches to the back of a wheelchair. Plus it’s relatively inexpensive to make.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass along the idea. I would of course test drive it at home, before packing it along on a journey.

Let me know how it works if you give it a try. Hey, you never know — life is all about adapting!