Win a Digital Camcorder in Travel Tip Contest


Connie George recently asked me to draw the winners in her “Bring Home the Memories” travel tip contest. Since I’m always happy to discover new tips to make life on the road a bit easier, I eagerly agreed. And since I love giveaways I’m also going to give a copy of my newest title, “Barrier-Free Travels; A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Wheelers and Slow Walkers” to the grand prize winner. And Connie has several other prizes to give away!!

There are several ways to enter, but the easiest way is to tweet a travel tip using the hashtag #CGTAELP. Alternatively, if you’re too verbose or don’t tweet, you can also post it in the comments section of the CGTA facebook page at You can enter up to 10 times a week (that’s a total of 20 entries until the contest ends on 10-4-10), but you can only enter the same tip once. Winners will be selected by a random drawing, so the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win.

Travel writers and those in the tourism industry are eligible. People married to me (Charles) are not.

And to start things out on the right foot, I’ll even throw in my own travel tip here.

To cut down on expenses and eat a little healthier, pack along a picnic lunch on your next road trip. I take a package of La Tortilla Factory low calorie tortillas with me, to make wraps. I just pick up a salad at the store or a fast-food restaurant the night before; then I mix it in the morning and make two wraps – one for me and one for Charles. I add in some low calorie Pringles chips (easy to pack along) and maybe a piece of fruit for a delicious, economical and low calorie lunch. Then we just look for a rest stop, picnic area or even a city park to enjoy our feast. It’s kind of fun to eat al fresco en route.

So pack a picnic along on your next road trip.

And don’t forget to enter the CGTA Bring Home the Memories Contest (DON’T POST YOUR ENTRY HERE — IT WON’T COUNT — SEE ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE).

After all, somebody has to win – it may as well be you!