Give the DOJ Your Opinion on Bed Height

I got a call from an attorney in the Disability Rights Section of the Department of Justice today. She was looking for input. Not just from me, but from my readers. From anybody with a disability who has ever encountered a bed height problem in a hotel. Be it too high or too low, the DOJ wants to know about it. Why? Because for the first time ever, they are considering adding bed height regulations to the ADAAG. And they want to make sure they get it right.

And although I get a ton of complaints about the height of hotel beds, it’s not enough just to complain to me. After all, I’m not the one who makes the regulations.

You can let your voice be heard on the matter in a number of ways. If you live in the San Francisco or Washington D.C. areas, you can speak up at a public hearing.

Washington D.C
Dec. 16, 2010
9:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., EST
U.S. Access Board
1331 F Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.

San Francisco
Jan. 10, 2011
9:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., PST
San Francisco Marriott Marquis
55 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA

People who want to comment at the public hearings are encouraged to register by calling (800) 514-0301, at least five days in advance of the hearing. If you’re unable to attend, you can also submit your comments by speaker phone. Comments are limited to five minutes per person, but you can also submit supplemental print materials for consideration.

It should be noted that the proposed regulations also address web accessibility, movie captioning, video description, next generation 911 and medical equipment. And although there was a good turnout at the public hearing in Chicago last month, not one person spoke up about the bed height issue. That’s why it’s so important to comment.

Of course, if public speaking isn’t your thing, you can always submit your comments in writing. There are three ways to do that.

Federal Rulemaking Website

US Mail
Disability Rights Section
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Departtment of Justice
P.O. Box 2885
Fairfax, VA 22031-0885

Overnight Courier or Hand Delivery
Disability Rights Section
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice
1425 New York Ave., NW, Ste 4039
Washington DC 20005

Be sure to include RIN 1190-AA64 (or Docket ID No. 113) in the header of your comments. It’s also important to note that the DOJ is looking for creative solutions to the bed height issue, so don’t be afraid to speak up on that issue too.

For more information about this proposed rulemaking, visit

So, start commenting! And yes, I have already submitted mine!