Where?s Cherrie Road Trip Contest ? Photo 1


Where's Cherrie?

As promised folks, here’s the first photo in our Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest. This is a pretty easy one, if you’ve been following us; so this first challenge will require a two-part answer.

The first person to correctly identify the location (city and state) of this roadrunner sculpture AND to tell me what it’s made of will win a cool road trip prize.

All entries must be made on the Facebook feed of this blog. Entries submitted as comments directly on this blog will not be counted. Just click on my Facebook badge in the right margin for a link to my Facebook page.

Enter as often as you like.

More information will be posted about the sculpture as soon as we have a winner.

We have a winner. Thanks to all who participated in the contest. Stay tuned for photo #2.



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