Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest


Cherrie chillin' by the pool after a long day of driving.

As promised there will be some time for fun and games during our five week cross country road trip. So watch for the Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest — coming this weekend.

Here’s how it’s all going to work.Photos of Cherrie doing fun and accessible things on the road will be posted periodically on this blog. All you have to do is be the first person to correctly identify her location on my Facebook blog feed and you’ll win a fun road trip prize.

Why do you have to post it on Facebook? Well as much as I love comments and conversation in this forum, Facebook doesn’t time stamp wall posts. And since my blog is also imported to Facebook, there would be no way to tell if a Facebook commenter posted before or after someone who commented directly on this blog.

But don’t worry, it’s easy to comment on Facebook, and I’ll post a link to my Facebook page with each Cherrie photo. Or you could just click on my Facebook badge over in the right margin.

Plus I have to say that folks who follow me on Facebook will probably have an advantage, as I’ll be commenting about my trip along the way, so there will be plenty of clues.

You should also note that anybody who is present when a photo is actually taken is not eligible for that entry. It’s only fair.

What will the prizes be? I’m not exactly sure, but in keeping with the theme of the contest, Cherrie and I will pick them up along the way. We’re looking forward to shopping for them. The prize may have something to do with a particular destination, or maybe just travel in general. I’ll also post photos of them when we pick them up. Of course they won’t be mailed until we get home, so don’t look for them until after Memorial Day.

Look for the first contest photo soon!!





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