Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest — Photo 3


Cherrie relaxing at the Seventy Four Ranch B&B in Jasper, GA.

Today’s Where’s Cherrie photo is going to take a different direction. I’m going to tell you where she is, and then ask you a trivia question associated with the location.

As you can see, Cherrie is all decked out in her cowboy gear, which is good, because she’s at the Seventy Four Ranch B&B in Jasper, GA. This rural retreat is a great place for everybody to enjoy a bit of the old west — and that’s not something you can usually do in rural Georgia.

Ken and Pam Butler made their Porch and Saddle Room Cabins at the Seventy Four Ranch accessible, so it’s a great option for most wheelchair-users and slow walkers. The cabins have a shared accessible bathroom with a low-step shower equipped with grab bars and a hand-held showerhead. And when we were there, the Porch Cabin came equipped with a nest of singing baby birds — which really added to the country atmosphere.

Larry & Pam Butler, along with Menny their Ranch Foreman; at the Seventy Ranch B&B in Jasper, GA.

Pam and Ken also have a stable full of horses which are very tame, because they imprint on humans from birth. It’s the only place that I could even get close to a horse — they usually sense my fear and dart. You can just relax in your cabin, enjoy the setting from the porch swing, learn how to rope or get up-close-and-personal with the horses — the choice is yours. Trust me, there’s plenty to do there — or you could just veg and do nothing at all!

Additionally, there’s a lot of history associated with this location, including Cherokee, Civil War and Moonshine history. Which brings me to the Where’s Cherrie Trivia Question.

What US Sport traces its origin back to moonshine runners?

The first person to correctly answer the question will win a cool road trip prize.

All entries must be made on the Facebook feed of this blog. Entries submitted as comments directly on this blog will not be counted. Just click on my Facebook badge in the right margin for a link to my Facebook page.

So put your thinking caps on and give it a try!




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