Potential Access Problem at Edinburgh Airport


If Edinburgh is on your travel itinerary, be forewarned — there may be trouble afoot on your return flight — especially if you require boarding assistance, and you’re traveling on easyJet.

As the Scottsman reported last week, easyJet informed THS Scotland — the company that handles airport wheelchair assistance in Edinburgh — that disabled passengers requiring assistance “will be refused travel and bags off-loaded if not at the gate and ready to board” in good time.

And that’s exactly what happened to six easyJet passengers, who arrived for their flights early on August 27, but were ultimately stranded because timely wheelchair assistance to the gate was not available.

A spokesman for THS Scotland expressed concern about the incidents, and vowed to investigate them further.

Other sources familiar with the situation claim the reason for these service failures lies with the huge increase in air traffic. In fact, nearly a million passengers passed through Edinburgh airport last month, which is truly a record number.

Normally my advice would be to arrive extra early in a situation like this, but it appears the stranded passengers did that,  all to no avail.

Unfortunately easyJet shows little compassion for the plight of the passengers caught in the middle of this corporate spat; and since they don’t exactly have a stellar record of providing acceptable service to disabled passengers, perhaps, once again, it’s best to choose another airline.

It’s really an unfortunate situation, and I’m hoping for a resolution in the near future. Until then — flyer beware!



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