My Public Comments on Accessible Airline Websites and Airport Kiosks

I thought I?d post the comments that I submitted to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding the proposed regulations on the accessibility of airline and ticket agent websites and airport kiosks. Not because it’s compelling reading, but because I wanted to show you how easy it is to write them. Granted I’m a writer and that’s what I do; however I fully well recognize that writing can be a chore for many people.

But it doesn’t have to be — again, my comments are very simple and straightforward. And yours can be too.

So why do I keep harping about public comments? Because the more public comments we have, the more the DOT really understands the importance of access. It shows them that people are interested in traveling and having accessible services.

Unfortunately when I checked the public comments section, only two people have comments so far. And neither one of them was me. So I rectified that with my public comments:

As the editor of a magazine about accessible travel, I get a lot of feedback from my readers. And although they have a wide variety of preferences and desires, they all embrace the freedom to travel. Not only does travel broaden their horizons, but it also empowers them, as it promotes and increases independence. For this reason I support the proposed regulations to require airlines and ticket agencies to make their websites accessible, as well as the proposal to make airport kiosks accessible. In this day and age the technology is available to make this happen. Everyone should have equal access to air travel, and these proposals will make that a reality.

And you can do the same. Just go to!submitComment;D=DOT-OST-2011-0177-0006, fill in the form and submit your comments. I recommend that you compose your comments offline though, as the form automatically closes after 20 minutes. And if you want to read about the proposed changes, then just check out my recent blog post on that.

So let your voice be heard — it’s your opportunity to make air travel more accessible. The public comment period is only open until November 25, 2011, so start writing!

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