Let Your Voice Be Heard ? Pool and Spa Access

As reported in my last blog post, the Department of Justice delayed implementation of the new pool and spa access to May 21, 2012. They have also opened up the issue for public comment on if the implementation should be further delayed to Sept. 17, 2012 “in the interest of promoting clear and consistent application of the ADA’s requirements to existing facilities.”

So now it’s time to let your voice be heard. It’s easy to make a public comment. Just follow this link and type in your comment, or upload it from your computer. I’ll be submitting my own, and will post it on a future blog post.

Let’s tell the DOJ, why we need full and independent access to public swimming pools and spas now; after all we’ve already waited 22 years since the ADA was enacted.

The deadline for public comments in April 4, so don’t tarry!

The lodging industry is dragging their heels on this, and this is just another delay tactic. They’ve had plenty of time to plan for implementation, as the original rules were released in 2010.

So send in your comment today!!

We Will Swim!!


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