Improved Access at Vermont Glassblowing Studio


Thanks to fellow travel blogger Diane Daniel for giving me the heads up on some new access upgrades over in Vermont. Unfortunately this is kind of a bad news —  good news scenario, as the upgrades were made after substantial damage was sustained from Hurricane Irene.

Ah yes, I remember that lady well, as she almost left us stranded in Maine last year; but thanks to a kindly Delta agent we were rerouted and made it home unscathed.

Unfortunately, the Simon Pearce Mill at Quechee in Windsor, Vermont was not as lucky. Although the restaurant and retail store gradually resumed operation following the disaster, the glassblowing workshop was closed until just recently, due to extensive flooding on the adjacent Ottaquechee River.

And since the damage was so widespread, the whole operation had to be rebuilt from scratch. Ultimately the project transformed the small, dark,  retro-fitted glassblowing viewing area into a nicely accessible space with a wheelchair-accessible lift. So now everybody can enjoy the glassblowing demonstrations.

Says James Murray, Executive Director of Product Development and Design, “With challenge and hardship, there always comes opportunity. Irene may have dealt Simon Pearce and our Vermont neighbors a bitter blow last year, but the restoration process has enabled us to redesign some facets of our iconic Mill in ways that more graciously engage visitors in the Simon Pearce experience.“

I’m glad the glassblowing studio is back on line, and even gladder that it’s now wheelchair-accessible. So if you happen to be over in Vermont this summer, pop on in to the Simon Pearce Mill and see what they have to offer. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!