Cherrie Visits Old Iron Town


Cherrie was able to wheel around to many parts of Iron Town, located just west of Cedar City, utah.

Located just a short drive from Cedar City Utah, Old Iron Town is definitely worth a side trip when you’re in the area.

Cherry enjoyed wheeling around the ruins of this one-time iron works, which was abandoned by the Mormons in 1876.

Although there aren’t any accessible parking spaces in the gravel parking area, there aren’t any striped spaces at all. That didn’t appear to present any problems though, as it’s not exactly a hugely visited site. In fact, we were the only folks out there on our visit. So there’s plenty of room to park and deploy your ramp.

There is a hard packed dirt trail over to the charcoal kiln, and around the ruins of the old foundry, and you can get a pretty good feel for the site from those vantage points. You can also go a little way on the Discovery Loop Trail before it’s blocked off by rocks. And although we saw a wild turkey along the way, we would have had an equally good time had we opted not to do the trail.

There is also an accessible restroom near the entrance and a nice covered picnic area just off the parking lot. If we were to do it over again, we probably would bring a picnic lunch along to enjoy at the site. Like I said, it’s not really well touristed, and that just adds to the whole ghost town experience.

All in all our visit only took about an hour, so it’s not like it’s an all day thing. Still it’s a fun stop along the way, and a nice place to learn a little bit about the history of iron manufacturing by the Mormons.

One word of advice thought – if you’re visiting in the summer, then head out there in morning, as the afternoon sun gets pretty severe!