Ready to Hit the Road!


Well it’s time for Charles, Cherrie and me to set off on another road trip, to research more cool accessible travel finds. And as much as I just love road trips, this one is going to be a challenge – mostly because of its length.

We’ll be gone nearly two months and we will travel through 24 states – some even twice. Along the way we will stay at accessible yurts, lodges, resorts, hotels, cabins and B&Bs – a little bit of something for everyone.

We’ve got a lot of fun things lined up including national parks, accessible caves, moonshine tasting, rug weaving, train excursions, twine balls, Indy cars, the Great Lakes, white lightening, Nashville music, covered bridges, hot springs, and a salt mine. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Of course we’ll have a good dose of cultural attractions and even stop in to visit some friends and family along the way.

And of course I’ll be keeping you updated on our adventures on this blog. So stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun – and accessible – two months.