Kudos to Nancy Brown!

Those of you who know me well probably also know that I have a long list of pet peeves. Sadly, one of my biggest ones has to do with my own profession – travel writing. I absolutely hate it when a seasoned travel writer ends up in a wheelchair or on crutches and then writes a heartfelt column on what it’s really like to travel when you are disabled.

Like this is big news to the rest of us.

Granted it’s more exposure for a subject that needs to be brought to the forefront; however these folks usually don’t paint an accurate picture of the situation because their disabilities are only temporary. And let’s face it, when something is temporary you deal with it differently than you would if it were permanent. After all, if you know your situation will be changing in the near future, you tend to brush off those little irritations that go along with it. Not so, when you’re in it for the duration.

But that’s not what equestrian travel writer Nancy Brown did when she began writing about her journey to hip replacement at the young age of 50. In fact, she’s very up front about only a having a temporary disability.

In other words – she gets it.

So bookmark her blog and follow her journey in her four-part series about her surgery, her recovery and her return to work. It looks like it’s going to be a great resource for anyone facing the same diagnosis.

Way to go Nancy! I hope you are back in the saddle soon.