You Might Be a Road Tripper if…


After having just spent two months on the road, I’ve decided that I definitely am a road tripper. Here are a few ways to determine if you are too

  •  You have more than 3 Wal-Marts loaded into your GPS.
  • You get excited when you get quarters in change, because you can add them to your laundry money.
  • You buy an Egg McMuffin, just to get an internet connection.
  • Not only have you named your GPS, but you also have regular conversations with him/her.
  • You snag fruit from the free breakfast buffet at your hotel, so you can have dessert with your picnic lunch.
  • You can effortlessly rattle off the states where you can only buy liquor in a state liquor store.
  • You don’t even think twice about wearing a shirt for two days.
  • You instinctively know when you’ve crossed a time zone — and you always know what time it is in Arizona.
  • You know the difference between a rest area represented by a green triangle on an AAA map, and one represented by a green triangle with a circle around it. Hint: if you really need to “rest” you need the latter.
  • Your neighbors actually think your house sitters live in your house, and that you are just visiting.
  • You get mad when you can’t find your toiletry bag in the bathroom, until you realize that you are at home.
  • The last time you bough soap or hand lotion was 1979.
  • Napkins become a precious commodity – for those in-room dinners and picnic lunches.
  • You get excited when you get to stay in the same place for more than one night.
  • You know what day it is by looking at the newspaper, and you know it’s the weekend if you don’t find a USA today in the hotel lobby.