An Open Letter to Stock Clerks Everywhere


I realize that this time of year can be very busy for you, but I’d like to take a moment to point out an all too common mistake that turns a perfectly accessible store into one that wheelchair-users simply can’t use. And it’s a mistake that you’re directly contributing to, by the way you do your job.

My friend Carrie McLaren put it best in her recent Facebook status update.

“Dear Bealls – If I can’t get my double stroller comfortably through your store, I’m guessing a person in a wheelchair can’t either.”

And she is absolutely correct in her conjecture.

The reason that she couldn’t get through the store was because that displays were encroaching on the aisle space. Displays that were placed there by store employees.

So please, when you add new stock, take this into account. The aisles — by law — need to remain accessible, so do not stack cases of items in them. You are not only causing problems for your customers, but you are also probably loosing some customers because of this oversight. And in this day and age, EVERY customer counts.

Please pass this along with your fellow employees, so everyone realizes the importance of keeping the aisles clear of merchandise.