Cherrie Visits Bearizona


On our way through Arizona, I spotted a sign that advertised “Bearizona” in Williams; and I figured it was the perfect place for Cherrie to visit. I mean, you never know, we might even find some of her relatives there, right?

Well, we weren’t disappointed.

This drive-through wildlife park features native North American animals, and we saw everything from Rocky Mountain goats and white bison, to arctic wolves, Dall sheep, and of course, black bears. It was nice to drive through and see the animals in natural habitats, and you can repeat the drive as many times as you like. We did it several times and we saw something different each time.

I was a little bit worried when I saw this going though!

But it turned out to be fine, and we even got an up-close-and-personal look at the arctic wolves. Cherrie was simply captivated by their yellow eyes.

And of course, Cherrie was very excited to see some of her relatives! They really put on a good show for us.

At the end of the wildlife drive, we explored Fort Bearizona, where Cherrie was enthusiastically greeted by the Bearizona mascot. And the whole complex was wheelchair-accessible, so Cherrie had no problems checking out all the smaller animals like javalinas, raccoons and the juvenile bears. The access was nicely done throughout the complex, with barrier-free pathways to the concession stand, gift shops and restrooms,

And the raptor show was great. There was accessible seating in a cement area, with companion seats for us nearby. And after the show, we got a close look at Luna, a beautiful Eurasian eagle owl.

We had a great day at Bearizona, and can’t wait to come back. The owners have such big plans for it (it’s only three years old), so every time we come back I know there will see something new. So check it out on your next Arizona visit. And say hi to Cherrie’s relatives for us!