Flo vs. Travalo

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a perfume junkie. I like to think I don’t overdo it, and I don’t buy cheap stuff, but I just love my scents. I do abstain when I’m around my friends who have allergies, so I like to think I “scent responsibly.”

Of course taking perfume with you when you travel is always a challenge, and in the past I usually took a big bottle, wrapped it up in a hand towel and put it in a Ziploc bag. Then I crossed my fingers and checked the bag. Although I’ve never had a major accident, I have had minor leaks, so lately I’ve been thinking that I’m living on borrowed time with that method.

Luckily I’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements for mini perfume atomizers lately, so I decided to try out two of the most popular ones — Flo and Travalo.

The Flo travel atomizer is compact, but it's difficult to fill.

The first one to arrive was the pretty pink Flo .  It didn’t really come with a lot of instructions, just a few pictures that were less than intuitive. To fill it up you are suppose to unscrew the bottom, then open the compartment with a small white clip and spray the perfume in. I did manage to complete the maneuver, but it wasn’t exactly seamless and I did waste a bit of my perfume. It’s also hard to tell when it’s full, so that led to even more waste.

On the upside, it does fit in my purse and since it holds less than three ounces of liquid, it will make it through airport security. And the atomizer applies the perfume evenly. Still it was a little awkward to fill up, so I’d probably give it a three on a scale of one-to-five.

The Travalo Touch is easy to fill, and it comes with instructions.

Next up was the sleek little lavender Travalo Touch.  It’s basically the size of a tube of mascara, and I was thrilled to see it came with instructions on how to fill it. Even better — the whole process is pretty easy. You just pop of the spray head on your perfume, and place the bottom of the Travalo over the perfume tube. Then you pump it up until the Travalo is full. You can even tell how full it’s getting, as there’s a little window on the side of it. I had absolutely zero waste with this product.

The other cool thing about the Travalo is that it has a rollerball atomizer instead of a spray one, so it’s easy to dab on the perfume without overdoing it. It will also make the TSA three-ounce cut, but it’s small enough to carry in your pocket when you’re not at the airport. In the end I think it’s the most versatile and the easiest to use of the two products, so I think I’ll probably buy a few more of them. It gets a solid five in my book.

Either way, I’m really glad to see these mini atomizers, as I really was living on borrowed time. Now I can take my scents with me, and not have to worry about an unfortunate accident. I just love technology!