Enjoying Whiskey and Huckleberries in Big Sky Country


A little whiskey tasting at Glacier Distilling

A lot of folks ask me how I deal with the weather when traveling around the world. Well, sometimes you just have to make alternative inside plans when Mother Nature throws you a curve ball. And yesterday was one of those days. After a beautiful morning of hiking in Glacier National Park, the heavens opened up and good old Mom Nature unleashed a good old fashioned gully washer on us. Luckily we were able to find some fun and accessible things to do inside, near West Glacier, Montana.

We started out with a little whiskey tasting at Glacier Distilling in Coram. We weren’t the only folks who had this idea, as it was a pretty hopping place while the rain came down. It’s only about three years old, so access is excellent, with accessible parking near the door and a level entry. There’s also an accessible restroom on the premises.

It’s pretty small inside, but room enough to roll around and get a gander at the whiskey making process. And for $4 (waived if you make a purchase) you can taste a flight of four whiskeys and two cordials. I tended to favor their Bad Rock Rye, so I decided to take home a bottle.

A rainy day cocktail for two!

Alas, it was still raining, so the bartender talked us in to trying one of their signature cocktails. After perusing the menu, Charles and I decided to share a Rocky Mountain Caesar, which was a tart combination of a spicy mesquite and clamatto flavored Bloody Mary mix and their Glacier Dew whiskey. Unfortunately the mixer is a closely guarded secret, but I will have to try to recreate it at home this summer, as the drink would be a great accompaniment to some barbequed wings.

After we finished up our drink we headed down the way to the Huckleberry Patch  in Hungry Horse (don’t you just love that name?).  We passed this joint several times while we were exploring Glacier National Park, and saw their huckleberry pie advertised daily, so we just had to give it a try. We weren’t disappointed either, as Charles and I shared a big warm slice topped with vanilla ice cream. And if pie isn’t your cup of tea, they also have huckleberry milkshakes, which  — if you can get over drinking something purple — sound very interesting. The folks that tried them seemed happy enough.

Huckleberry pie and ice cream at the Huckleberry Patch

After you’ve had your fill of huckleberries, have a look through the gift shop next door, as you’ll certainly find something to take home. From huckleberry fudge (yes it is purple) to sweet and sour sauce (sounded interesting) to preserves (the safe bet), there’s something for just about everybody. Even better, the place is wheelchair-accessible, with accessible parking near the restaurant, and level access on the right side (the gift shop side has stairs), so do stop by if you’re in the area.

So that’s what you do on a rain day in Big Sky Country. You sit back, take it easy, and enjoy some of the local flavor. And the moral of the story is – Rain of shine, every travel day is a good travel day!