What’s Up With This Accessible Parking Spot?


"Accessible" parking spot in New Hope, PA?

I see a lot of different things as I cross the country, but this “accessible” parking spot really made me scratch my head yesterday. It is across the street from the New Hope, PA Visitors Center, and as far as I can tell it’s one of the very few accessible spots in town.

But like I said, I just don’t get it. What makes the spot accessible, besides the signage?

There is no access aisle, and it’s not any bigger than the standard spaces. Even if you have a rear entry van, there’s still not going to be room to deploy the ramp. And if you try to deploy it on the side, the ramp will go over the skinny sidewalk and right down (and I do mean down) into the cafe. That will be quite the surprise for diners!!

Either way, it would be hard to get out of a ramped or lift-equipped van, as the ramp/lift would deploy in the middle of a curb-cut.

OK, maybe it’s good for a slow walker who is a passenger, and can open the door right into the curb-cut and use a cane (or maybe a walker with assistance). Other than that, this one has me puzzled, as to who could actually use it.

On the plus side I did see some official looking guy measuring the street and making notes, so perhaps some accessible parking upgrades are on the horizon for this little burg. God knows they could certainly use it!