Drury Gets Access Right


I have to admit that I love Drury properties for the little extras they provide – the popcorn and soda snacks, the Kickback happy hours and the full hot breakfasts. But beyond that, they also seem to have a good handle on access needs; and by that I mean they remember the little things that are often overlooked by other hotel chains. The Drury Suites in McAllen, Texas is a prime example of that, and here are a few of the sometimes forgotten access features that they nailed.

Lowered Kitchen Bar

Lowered kitchen counter in accessible room

I see kitchen bars in a lot of properties, but for the most part, they all are tall. I’m thinking that it can’t be too hard to put in a lowered bar, so wheelchair-users can use it too. And apparently the folks at Drury properties agree, as I consistently find this access feature in their suites.



Roll-Under Kitchen Sink

Roll-under kitchen sink

Many properties remember to give folks enough knee-space under the bathroom sink, but totally ignore the kitchen sink. Wheelchair-users cook and do dishes too! Apparently that’s not lost on the Drury folks, who always seem to provide an equally accessible roll-under kitchen sink.



Wide Bedroom Doors

Extra wide bedroom doors

Most places usually have adequate pathway access but Drury goes the extra mile and includes wide double doors between the bedroom and the living room areas. That little bit of extra room really helps out people who have larger wheelchairs or scooters.



Lowered Closet Rods

Lowered closet rods

Sadly this is a feature I only see about half of the time. How is someone in a wheelchair going to hang their clothes up on a standard clothing rod? Again, Drury gets this and makes the appropriate modifications.







Accessible Hair Dryer

Accessible shelf for hair dryer

Last but no least, there’s that blasted hair dryer – sometimes it’s put so out of reach that only the Jolly Green giant can access it. Drury solved that problem by installing a handy little hair dryer storage shelf under the sink. That way the housekeeping staff knows where to put the hair dryer, and it’s always within reach for wheelchair-users.


Like I said, they really do access right at Drury — which in my book is a very good thing. My only complaint is that their service area is somewhat limited, and it doesn’t include California. Maybe someday it will – after all, a girl can hope, can’t she?