Wheelchair-Users Entitled to Compensation Under Greyhound Consent Decree


Are you a wheelchair-user who has experienced an access-related problem with Greyhound in the past three years? If so, you might be entitled to compensation.

Under the terms of a consent decree signed on February 8, 2016, Greyhound is required to compensate individuals who experienced barriers based on disability, in the past three years. There’s no cap on the number of individuals who may submit claims, or on the total amount to be disbursed by Greyhound. Additionally, Greyhound is required to pay $300,000 to specific individuals identified by the Department of Justice who experienced ADA violations. Greyhound is also required to pay a civil penalty of $75,000 to the United States.

The consent decree also requires Greyhound to implement these systemic reforms.

  • Hire an ADA Compliance Manager
  • Implement annual ADA training for all employees who have public contact
  • Provide technical training to employees and contractors on the proper operation of accessibility features
  • Report quarterly on their compliance efforts
  • Ensure that people with disabilities can make travel reservations and lodge complaints online

So what do you do if you think you are entitled to compensation under this decree? Contact the Claims Administrator for the fund. Contact information is suppose to be posted on www.greyhound.com, but if you can’t find it, I suggest that you give their Disability Assistance Hotline a call at (800) 752-4841.

Be sure and pass this information along, as you never know how many people are out there that are entitled to this compensation. Remember there’s no cap on the number of claimants, and no limit on the amount of money disbursed.