Free Parking for Disabled Vets at Florida Airports

Governor Rick Scott signed a bill into law last week that gives disabled veterans free parking at all Florida airports. This is actually the second go round at this legislation, as a similar bill was adopted in 2015; however it only granted free parking to veterans that drive adapted vehicles.

To remedy that situation State Senator Nancy Detert introduced SB 222, that requires airports to provide free parking to all vehicles that display a disabled veterans license plate. In order to obtain a disabled veterans license plate, drivers must have a 100 percent disability designation by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and have an honorable discharge from the military.

As for non-veterans who are disabled, well you still have to drive an adapted vehicle in order to qualify for free airport parking. But on the plus side, you also get free parking at cruise ship terminals. For the details about that, check out my Emerging Horizons article at