It’s Road Trip Time Again!


roadtrip mapWell after a very productive winter at home, it’s time to hit the road again. We’ll be gone for about five weeks this time, and I’m very excited about our itinerary.

We’re taking the southern route and heading to The Sunshine State, where will skirt the perimeter and explore cool accessible finds at some of the Florida state parks. I’m particularly looking forward to our stop at Myakka River State Park, where they have just finished refurbishing their CCC cabins. They’re not open to the public yet, but we’ve made arrangements to check out the upgrades in their accessible model.

And speaking of cabins, along the way we’re also going to check out the recently rebuilt accessible cabin at Louisiana’s Fontainebleau State Park, and an accessible lakeside cabin in Alabama’s Gulf State Park.

After we leave Florida we’ll head up through Alabama and Georgia, and spent some time in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Then it’s north to Indiana, where we will turn west and head through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Nevada, before we zip across the California state line and head home.

As usual we plan to cover lots of accessible destinations, lodgings and interesting finds along the way. And then of course there will be the roadside attractions, such as a brontosaurus family, the world’s largest peanut, and of course Captain Kirk’s future birthplace.

And hopefully we’ll be able to see a few friends along the way.

So stay tuned for updates from Candy & Charles on the road.