Power Beach Wheelchairs Available on Alabama Beaches


Power Beach Wheelchair Available for Rent in Gulf Shores, AL

I first discovered power beach wheelchairs in my home state of California, and immediately I thought they were super cool. These motorized chairs with balloon tires allow wheelchair-users independent access to the beach, and independence is a very good thing if you’re a wheelchair-user. After all wouldn’t you rather navigate the coastline on your own, instead of being pushed around by somebody else? Suffice it to say I was very impressed with the whole concept.

Apparently Jerry Nasello was also pretty impressed. You see Jerry has ALS, a very analytical mind and he simply loves the beach. So when he saw the California models he decided to borrow their best features and create his own version, so he could enjoy his local beaches in Gulf Shores, Alabama. His first model used PVC pipe, but subsequent designs sported lightweight metal frames, while his latest creation is made from a non-corrosive alloy. Add in a partially reclining upholstered seat, so you can catch a few rays, and a joystick for easy control, and you have the perfect beach access solution for wheelchair-users and slow walkers.


Delivery is Also Available!

And although this is good news for Jerry, it’s also good news for visitors to the Gulf Shores area, as Jerry’s mechanic created a whole rental fleet of these power beach wheelchairs. They’re perfect for folks who rent a condo and have a nice stretch of beach available to explore; but even if you stay in a hotel that lacks a beach, Jerry has a solution for you. Just pick up your rental at Jerry’s house and you can roll right over to one of his favorite local beaches.

So how much does this all cost? Daily rental rates start at $60, but the longer you rent, the larger discount you get. A three-day rental is priced at $165, and if you rent for four days or more, the daily rate drops to $50. Pick-up and delivery is available for a $40 flat-rate within a 20 mile radius of Gulf Shores, and an attachable beach umbrella is available for an additional $5 per day.

For more information, or to reserve your power beach wheelchair call (251) 967-3729 or visit www.BeachPowerRentals.com. Don’t be left on the sidelines – get out and enjoy the beach with your family and friends this summer! It’s now a realistic possibility in the Gulf Shores area.