On the Road to Alaska!


16107471_10211659361030290_355620497663389971_oWell it’s that time of year again – time for Candy and Charles to hit the road.

This road trip is a bit different, as it’s a fly-drive one.

We’ll head up through Oregon and into Washington to Seattle, where we will fly to Fairbanks. After a few days in Fairbanks we will hit the road in a truck camper and check out some of the more accessible “non-cruise” sights in The Land of the Midnight Sun.

I’ve made some great contacts and have appointments to see a number of accessible properties; plus I plan to provide some in-depth coverage of Denali. Can you get there without booking a group tour? Absolutely. And I plan to tell you how.

I’ll also highlight some accessible finds on the Kenai Peninsula, Portage Glacier and in a few state parks; as well as include information on an accessible hot springs. So visit Emerging Horizons in the coming months for some great accessible Alaska coverage.

I’ll also be exploring some redwood forests in Northern California, and revisiting Olympic National Park to update my book. And of course I’ve also found a few accessible gems on the Oregon coast to visit.

I’m not sure how much connectivity I’ll have along the way, but I will post photos on Facebook whenever I can, and of course include updates on our travels here whenever possible.

We plan to set off bright and early tomorrow morning, and Charles and I are both really looking forward to this adventure.

Catch ya later!