Traveling Cherrie is Retiring

Cherrie just kicking back and enjoying Noble View.

Cherrie just kicking back and enjoying Noble View.

I’ve been traveling on and off with Cherrie for about nine years now; although as of late is has been more “off” than “on”. Cherrie was part of the Traveling Teddies program of SATW (a professional organization that I belong to). The idea was simple –members adopt a grade-school class and then they go and talk to them about their travels, take some photos of their teddy on the road, and maybe send a postcard or two along the way. Well, I didn’t have a class – I had a blog. And since I cover accessible travel I got a bear in a wheelchair.

Makes total sense, right?

Over the years I’ve gotten good feedback on Cherrie and many parents appreciate the fact that she is in a wheelchair like their child. There’s something to be said about identity at a young age. I mean how would you feel if everyone else you saw on the internet or on TV looked nothing like you? Well, to be honest Cherrie is a stuffed bear, so she doesn’t look like any kid either, but hey, at least they will recognize the wheelchair.

In any case, Cherrie is retiring effective immediately. The truth is that she has so many costumes and accessories that it’s getting rather cumbersome to travel with her.  And since the “Traveling Cherrie” section of my blog will remain in the archives, kids can always read about her.

Rest assured Cherrie — and all of her accessories — are going to a good home. She will be living with a 14 year old girl that has CP and appatently is a bit delayed. She has recently transitioned to using a wheelchair full time, and I’m told she loves to play with dolls, so this sounds like an ideal match.

In any case, thanks for all your comments and suggestions about Cherrie. I wish her the best in her new home.

And if you’d like to read about Cherrie’s adventures, check out the Traveling Cherrie archive at

Thanks for the memories!