Oregon State Parks Seek to Improve Access


10678499_10204717928898825_8786844006418640572_nIn an effort to make Oregon state parks more accessible, the Oregon State Parks Foundation (OSPF) recently invited 10 people with a spinal cord injry on a camping trip. But it wasn’t your ordinary camping trip — it was more of a research project. The goal was to identify the barriers that people with disabilities face in the state parks, and to ultimately remove those barriers.

What a great idea!

And a film crew tagged along to capture it all for posterity.

The camping trip took place in late September in McIver State Park. OSPF teamed up with the Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection, Adventures Without Limits and the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department to organize the weekend event, which was funded by OSPF and Health Share of Oregon.

Although a good time was had by all, an educational video will be produced from the film shot that weekend.

And in the end it’s hoped to make Oregon State Parks even more accessible.

Three cheers to OSPF for making this happen.

On a semi-related note, I totally enjoyed our visit to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, which included a stay in an accessible yurt. You can read more about it at http://emerginghorizons.com/upscale-oregon-yurt-features-excellent-access/.