Westchester Lyft Lawsuit Moves Forward


In what appears to be a move to skirt the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) last month, rideshare giant Lyft claimed once again that it is not in the transportation business, and therefor is not not subject to the ADA. They further alleged that they are instead in the information business.

Furthermore, attorneys for Lyft moved to dismiss the Westchester, NY lawsuit against the company, on the basis that Lyft users agree to arbitration and give up their right to any class actions lawsuits when they sign up for the service.

The judge promptly denied that motion.

Previously the judge denied another motion for dismissal on the grounds of standing. Lyft claimed that since the plaintiffs had not downloaded the Lyft app, then were not customers, and therefore lacked the standing to file a lawsuit.

And according to the plaintiff’s attorney, Lyft is resisting the judge’s efforts to encourage the parties to come to some type of mutually beneficial agreement to resolve the accessibility issue.

Lyft also faces another lawsuit – along with Uber –regarding accessibility in the San Francisco area.

This is definitely getting interesting. Stay tuned.