IATA Passes Accessible Air Travel Resolution


Early last month the The International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved an accessible air travel resolution at their 75th Annual General Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. The resolution calls upon governments to follow IATA’s core principles for accommodating disabled passengers, and hopes to bring the travel sector together with regulators in order to provide consistent air travel access regulations throughout the world.

The resolution lays out the basic building blocks for crafting and implementing access regulations in a fair and concise manner. These broad guidelines are hoped to ensure safe, reliable and dignified air travel for disabled passengers around the world.

Although the resolution will probably not affect accessible air travel in the US; it could encourage governments who have more restrictive access regulations to consider refining them. It’s also is a firm statement from IATA about their view on inclusion and the need for clear, concise and fair worldwide air travel access regulations.

Here’s a link to the resolution. https://www.iata.org/pressroom/pr/Documents/resolution-disabled-pax-agm-2019.pdf

Hopefully it will be the starting to point for the end to denied boardings, mishandled wheelchairs and general poor treatment of disabled passengers in many areas of the world.