US Access Board Seeks Input on On-Board Wheelchairs


In an effort to better serve the needs of disabled passengers, the US Access board is seeking input in regards to necessary features on on-board wheelchairs.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has expressed its intention to supplement the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) to include performance standards for on-board wheelchairs on covered aircraft – aircraft with over 125 seats. To that end the US Access Board is developing non-binding guidelines as technical assistance to air carriers and manufacturers of on-board wheelchairs. It should be noted that these will be voluntary guidelines that provide a tangible example of the DOT’s performance standards.

According to documents published in the Federal Register, the guidelines will specify dimensions, features, and capabilities for on-board wheelchairs. The guidelines will also include criteria to allow the on-board wheelchair to fully enter the lavatory in a backward orientation and be positioned over a closed toilet with the door closed. This feature will afford those passengers who cannot independently transfer to the toilet a modicum of privacy, while performing non-toileting personal hygiene tasks

For more information about the proposed guidelines, visit

Instructions for submitting comments can be found at (Docket ATBCB-2019-0002).

Comments are due October 21, 2019.