Amazon Selling Fake Parking Placards!


Edited to Add – The link to the placard does not work any more (and I have removed it), so it looks like Amazon took down the item for sale. Thanks everyone for their great response!!! 



OK I’m a huge Amazon fan, but after finding this “Handicap Placard” for sale on the site I may have to think twice about continuing my relationship. It has absolutely no description, and the five-star reviews are obviously fake (“great customer service” — give me a break). The questions have been answered by consumers who obviously agree with me, and a few wheelchair-users wrote negative comments.

I sent in my comments to Amazon and I encourage my friends to do the same. Of course finding a valid customer service e-mail on the website is almost impossible, so the best way to report this is to go to the product, then click on “report incorrect product information”. Let Amazon know exactly how you feel about this, and while you are there leave a one-star review to alert potential buyers that this is a fake placard and they will get a ticket.

Lets stop this person from distributing these fake placards. Accessible parking is hard enough to find these days. And, tell a friend.