Plan a Post-COVID Death Valley Winter Getaway


I distinctly remember a girlfriends getaway camping trip to Death Valley many, many moons ago. We were young and foolish and the only time we could all get together was near the end of May. Donna said she wanted to go to Death Valley, and with little thought to anything like the weather, the rest of us were on board. I’ll spare you the gory details but the temperatures hit 120 that fateful week.

Now apparently Europeans go there in the summer to experience this intense heat – so much so that some facilities that were previously closed in the summer are now open. But as far as I’m concerned I’m a winter Death Valley girl. And I will say that the desert is beautiful in winter.

And as facilities are beginning to reopen after COVID-19 closures, now is a good time to start planning that Death Valley winter getaway.

Currently most roads, trails and campgrounds are open in Death Valley National Park, while the visitor centers remain closed. Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel and the Ranch at Death Valley are both open, and the Inn at Death Valley will reopen on October 1, 2020. Food and gas are also available in the park, and hopes are high for a robust fall and winter snowbird season.

And although the Furnace Creek Visitor Center lobby will reopen in phase 3.3 of their COVID-19 plan, the exhibits and movies won’t be available until Stage 4. Stage 4 occurs when the state reopens highest risk workplaces, concerts, convention centers and live audience sports. In Stage 4, the Stovepipe Wells Ranger Station will also reopen.

And if you need information about accessible trails, attractions, campgrounds and lodgings in Death Valley National Park, then check out my newest book at It also has some accessible trails and attractions along the way, as because of the park’s remote location, it’s largely a driving trip.

So take a break from the cold and snow this winter, and enjoy wheelchair-accessible Death Valley!