New York City Subway Gets More Elevators


One of the biggest roadblocks to accessible public transportation in the Big Apple is the lack of elevators in the subway system, which was largely constructed before the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) was on the books. With that in mind the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently announced a new accessibility project that will add 17 new elevators in eight stations.

This accessibility project was part of the MTA’s 54.8 billion 2020-2024 Capital Plan and its 2015-2019 Capital Plan amendment, which were largely put on hold due to COVID-19 and funding issues. On the other hand, the ADA elevator project is able to move forward because of existing grant funding.

The project includes the addition of elevators to the following stations.


7th Avenue – 3 elevators

Grand Street – 3 elevators

Metropolitan Avenue – 2 elevators

Lorimer Street – 3 elevators.


The Bronx

E 149th Street – 2 elevators



Dyckman Street – 1 elevator



Beach 67 Street – 2 elevators


Staten Island:

New Dorp – 2 elevators

The MTA continues to make more NYC subway station accessible; and despite the challenges in 2020 they also added elevators to nine more stations. As of December 2020, 134 or the 472 subway stations are accessible.

I’m glad to see that access is moving ahead in NYC in 2021. One day, hopefully the whole subway system will be wheelchair-accessible.