Wheelchair Accessible Medellin Tours


Martín Londoño is a man with a plan. As a wheelchair-user he long admired the electric handcycles made by Batec (a Spanish company), but they also came with a hefty price tag. So he set out to make a more affordable  model that people in his native Columbia could buy.

He finally perfected his model, bud sadly the price was still out of reach for most Columbians. So he changed up his business plan a bit and founded Movilidad Autonomia Tiempo Trabajo (MATT). With the help of his business partners he then built a fleet a handcycles and founded a delivery service. Now he leases the handcycles to people with disabilities who work for the delivery service. It’s a win-win all around, as it not only encourages independence but it also provides folks with some much needed income.

Even better, MATT also offers wheelchair-accessible tours of Medellin, for wheelchair-users and able-bodied tourists alike. It’s the ultimate in inclusive travel, as everyone rolls. The three-hour tours are a work in progress, but previous tours have included stops at riverside parks, a coffee shop and even a bar for some beer tasting.

The handcycles are powered by rechargeable batteries, and you just have to push one small button to move forward. They’re extremely easy to operate.

So if Medellin is on your travel itinerary, check out MATT’s facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/matt.manda2.

I just love ingenuity!