Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park Improvements Announced


Although Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park already has many accessible trails, campgrounds and picnic areas, more access improvements and upgrades are coming to the park. Here are some of the highlights of their Accessibility Transition Plan, which was released in July 2021. Some improvements will be immediate, while others are in the long term plan; but in the end they will add up to better access for wheelchair-users and slow walkers.


Azalea Campground

Currently this campground only has one accessible campsite, but the plan calls for the addition of six more accessible campsites.

Buckeye Flat Campground

Buckeye Flat only has one accessible campsite, but they will be adding two more accessible campsites. They will also raise the fire ring in the existing accessible campsite.

Canyon View Campground

This campground already has four accessible campsites, but they will be adding an additional one.

Potwisha Campground

Currently this campground has two accessible sites, but plans are in the works to add an additional one. They also plan to improve the accessible parking and make the route to the amphitheater more accessible. Two wheelchair spaces with adjacent companion seating will also be added to the amphitheater.


Big Trees Trail

Although this trail was built to be accessible, age and the elements have taken their toll. To remedy that, plans are in the works to repair the boardwalk and take care of the potholes in the paved part of the trail.

Foothill Visitor Center

Future plans call for improvements to accessible parking, and the addition of curb-cuts. They also plan to add at least two accessible picnic tables to the picnic area.

General Sherman Tree

Long term plans for this site include the improvement of the accessible pathway from the parking lot, as well as making the trail and the wayside exhibit more accessible.

Giant Forest Museum

Long term plans include improving the accessibility of the parking, restrooms and amphitheater.

Grant Tree

Although this site is pretty accessible, plans are in the works for additional accessible parking and to repair the damaged sidewalk.

Panoramic Point

Short term plans for this trail include the addition of resting intervals along its length to bring it up to current access standards.

Roaring River Falls

Trail improvements call for the addition of switchbacks with level landing spots along the length of this short trail.

Zumwalt Meadow Trail

Additional accessible parking spaces and curb-cuts will be added near the trailhead of this accessible trail.

Picnic Areas & Pullouts

Columbine Day Use Area

More accessible parking, picnic tables and grills will be added to this day use area.

Crescent Meadow

Long term plans call for the addition of more accessible parking, and improvements to the pathway access and picnic facilities. Many pull offs along Crescent Meadow road will also be upgraded to allow for wheelchair access.

Generals Highway Pullouts

The pullouts along the Generals Highway will be upgraded to allow for accessible parking, curb-cuts and improved pathway access.

Moro Rock

This area is not very accessible as there is a steep path to the top of Moro Rock; however access upgrades will be made to the parking area, benches and wayside exhibits at the base of the rock.

Pinewood Picnic Area

Long term plans call for the addition of eight additional accessible tables, as well as accessible parking improvements at this picnic area.

Roads End

Access improvements will include accessible parking improvements, improved pathway access and the addition of accessible picnic tables.

Hospital Rock

Additional accessible parking and five accessible picnic tables will be added to this site. The pathway access will also be upgraded to include a more accessible route to the facilities.

Other Facilities

Grant Village

Access upgrades on the slate for Grant Village include additional accessible parking spaces, and improvements to the amphitheater pathway access and accessible seating.

Lodgepole Village

Short term plans for Lodgepole Village include the addition of five wheelchair-accessible seats and adjacent companion seats in the amphitheater; while long term plans include improved pathway access, additional accessible parking, and the addition of two accessible picnic tables.