Yosemite Institutes Early Access Lottery for North Pines Campground


The National Park Service recently announced that it will open up an early access lottery pilot program for North Pines Campground in Yosemite National Park. The lottery will apply to reservations from July 21 to August 14. The regular reservation period for these dates opens on March 15, 2022; however winners of the early access lottery will be able to make reservations from February 18 to March 10, prior to the general reservation period.

The lottery application period runs from January18 through February 6, 2022. Successful applicants will be notified on February 10. They will be given a time slot when they can make their reservation. If they are not available at the time their reservation window opens, they will be able to make a reservation any time after that. The early access lottery does not guarantee that successful applicants will get a reservation on the date that they select, but it will give them a better chance of securing one.

You can sign up for the early access lottery at www.recreation.gov any time during the application period. There is a non-fundable $10 application fee. Applications are limited to one per person, and they are good for a reservation for one campsite. Reservations can be made for up to seven days. Group reservations are not available through the early access lottery. Additionally you can only sign up for the lottery through the website. It is not available on the recreation.gov app.

Accessible campsites will be available to early access lottery winners; however if you need an accessible campsite and are only able to reserve a standard campsite, you should call the campground office at (209) 372-8502 for assistance.

Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and apply for the early access lottery, as fewer campsites will be available during the regular reservation period. And with the Tuolumne Meadows Campground closed until 2025 for renovations, the demand for campsites throughout the park will be higher. It’s also speculated that Yosemite will again institute a entrance reservation requirement during the peak season, and visitors with campsite reservations will not need one. Additionally if this pilot program is successful, the national park service will likely expand it to other Yosemite campgrounds next year.

Bottom line, plan ahead, sign up for the lottery and cross your fingers for a campsite at North Pines Campground!

And for more information about access for slow walkers and wheelchair-users in Yosemite National Park, visit .BarrierFreeYosemite.