Improved Access Coming to Glacier National Park

I had a great time when we visited Glacier National Park last year; however I was a bit disappointed that the iconic Red Bus Tours were not accessible. Well, all that’s about to change, as the new park concessionaire — Xanterra Parks and Resorts — recently announced that they plan to upgrade the fleet and add two accessible buses.

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Megabus Expands to Mississippi

Those of you that know me, know that I’m a huge Megabus fan. I mean, seriously, who can’t get excited about comfortable, affordable and accessible bus transportation across the US? And with fares as low as $1, it really opens up America to a lot more people. Continue reading

Bloomberg Swings and Misses with New Accessible Taxi Dispatch

At first glance the new accessible taxi dispatch system for New York City seems like a good thing. After all, less than 2% of New York City cabs are wheelchair-accessible, so actually finding one when you need one can be somewhat of a Herculean task. So what could be better than calling 311 to order your own accessible taxi? Continue reading

2012 May See Upgraded Access in NYC Taxis

The long battle over the lack of accessible taxis in New York City appears to have come to an end in the last days of 2011, with U.S. District Court Judge George Daniels ruling that the current fleet of largely inaccessible NYC taxis, violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. This long anticipated decision is the result of a US Attorneys Office investigation and lawsuit against New York City, which was launched by Assemblyman Micah Kellner.

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Bloomberg on Accessible NYC Taxis

Mayor Bloomberg isn’t exactly a happy camper these days, especially when the subject turns to wheelchair-accessible taxis in New York City. You see, the US attorney’s office recently filed suit against New York City, for non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Well, according to United Spinal Organization, less than 2% of the city’s 13,000 taxis are wheelchair-accessible. And frankly I agree with the US attorney’s office — in this day and age that’s totally unacceptable. Continue reading

Ho Chi Minh City to Build Accessible Public Transport

Access is looking up these days in Vietnam, as the powers that be in Ho Chi Minh City have announced that the new metro and monorail systems will be wheelchair-accessible. The last time I visited the city, access was extremely lacking, so I’m happy to hear of any move in a positive direction. Continue reading

Mumbai Rail Officials Consider Decreasing Disabled Space

According to the Mid Day, pregnant women may soon be allowed to board the Mumbai commuter train cars reserved for disabled passengers. Apparently this isn’t the first time this rule change has been proposed by the National Railway Users Consultative Committee; however last time up, rail officials rejected it outright. Their reason? “It would be difficult to identify all pregnant women.”

Point taken.

So this time they are thinking about limiting the privilege to women in their third trimester. Presumably they would be easier to identify. Continue reading

Alarming Story on UK Public Transport

As I was browsing through the Daily Mail today, one headline immediately caught my eye — “Disabled Terrified to Travel on Public Transport Because of Rising Abuse from Consumers.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading, and initially I thought that it must be some sort of proofing mistake. But as I read the full article, I discovered that sadly, that wasn’t the case. Continue reading

Dublin Goes Green (and Blue) with New Electric Cabs

Kudos to the powers that be over in Dublin for actually considering access when setting up their new electric taxi program. This joint pilot project between the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and National Radio Cabs (NRC) brought two new electric cabs to Dublin.

And the really great part? One of those vehicles — the Peugeot Expert — is wheelchair-accessible. Continue reading