When a Roll-in Shower Really Isn’t…

Sometimes I’m a stickler for terminology, and I know that infuriates no small percentage of my friends. But as a writer, I feel that words – the correct words – are very important. Case and point is an incident that happened at a chain hotel yesterday. Continue reading

A Piece of the Rock in the SF Financial District

Up-close-and-personal at "Alcatraz; Life on the Rock".OK, I admit it, I’m a huge Alcatraz fan. I’ve seen every movie made about the island (the Birdman was the best), I love reading historical accounts about prison life, and I’m simply enthralled by the audio tour whenever I visit the old cell block. And on one visit to the Rock, I even got to chat with a former Alcatraz guard. Boy did he ever have some stories to tell. Continue reading

A Scenic Break on the Trans-Canadian Highway

The great thing about road trips is that getting there can be half the fun. Such was the case yesterday when we traveled across the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) from Kamloops to Banff. Not only did we get some great windshield views, but we also found a nicely accessible boardwalk trail. And that’s something that wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t driving. Continue reading

You Might Be a Road Tripper if…

After having just spent two months on the road, I’ve decided that I definitely am a road tripper. Here are a few ways to determine if you are too

  •  You have more than 3 Wal-Marts loaded into your GPS.
  • You get excited when you get quarters in change, because you can add them to your laundry money.
  • You buy an Egg McMuffin, just to get an internet connection.
  • Not only have you named your GPS, but you also have regular conversations with him/her.
  • You snag fruit from the free breakfast buffet at your hotel, so you can have dessert with your picnic lunch.
  • You can effortlessly rattle off the states where you can only buy liquor in a state liquor store.
  • You don’t even think twice about wearing a shirt for two days.
  • You instinctively know when you’ve crossed a time zone — and you always know what time it is in Arizona.
  • You know the difference between a rest area represented by a green triangle on an AAA map, and one represented by a green triangle with a circle around it. Hint: if you really need to “rest” you need the latter.
  • Your neighbors actually think your house sitters live in your house, and that you are just visiting.
  • You get mad when you can’t find your toiletry bag in the bathroom, until you realize that you are at home.
  • The last time you bough soap or hand lotion was 1979.
  • Napkins become a precious commodity – for those in-room dinners and picnic lunches.
  • You get excited when you get to stay in the same place for more than one night.
  • You know what day it is by looking at the newspaper, and you know it’s the weekend if you don’t find a USA today in the hotel lobby.

Best Western Damage Control

In these days of social media, what once could have been an overlooked complaint, can go viral in a matter of days. Such is the case an incident that happened to Mr. Chad Staples at his recent stay at the Best Western in Monahans, TX. Continue reading

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Well, we’re putting the finishing touches on our road trip, so I thought I’d sit down with Cherrie and go over our plans. After all, half the fun of any trip is planning for it.

We’re set to leave next week, and we’ll be gone for about a month. The trip will take us from California to the East Coast; where we’ll turn south and then make another right and go through Tennessee and Kentucky. They we’ll head over to Missouri and down to Arkansas, before heading home via the Southern route; through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

All in all, we will travel through 21 states, and we’ll put well over 7,000 miles on our car. In most cases we’ll only overnight in a town, but in some cases we’ll stay for a few nights.

And along the way we’ll stop and review some wheelchair-accessible things to do. In fact, that’s the whole reason for the trip. There’s a whole lot of really cool things to see in the US, many of which are accessible. And some might be just right around the corner from you.

So follow us on our trip. You might spy a favorite place of yours, or even see something you’ve always wanted to visit.

There’s one thing I can promise though — it will be fun!

Resource for Finding Accessible Airport Transportation

As I was searching for some accessible airport transportation for a friend last week, Charles happened across a great resource — the National Limousine Association.

Just type in the city and choose “wheelchair accessible” from the drop down menu. It’s pretty easy.

As for accuracy, well the search returns a variety of companies, including those that have limousines, vans, and buses. It’s not appropriate for finding the cheapest accessible transportation, because they are private transfers; but it may help if the city doesn’t have a Super Shuttle, accessible taxis or public transportation at the airport.

In my case, it gave me several options – ones that I was unaware of before – to investigate.

So, add it to your travel research toolbox.

Snappy Flight Attendant Comeback

Flight attendants have a very difficult job; a job that I know full well I couldn”t do. Truth be told, I”d probably be fired on the first day for telling an inconsiderate passenger exactly where he could go (and I don”t mean baggage claim). But seasoned flight attendants think on their feet, solve problems, diffuse difficult situations; and at the same time offer snappy comebacks to roadblocks thrown up by idiot passengers.

Case and point, is the flight attendant retort posted in Jacquelyn Mitchard”s blog. Jacqueline was injured while traveling around the US and as a result had to spend half of her trip on crutches. She had some problems with a few comments from passengers aboard one of her flights. More specifically, after she hobbled back to 36C and needed to stow her crutches, she found one passenger a bit too overprotective of his precious overhead bin space (and his overcoat). A quick witted flight attendant was attempting to assist Mitchard in finding room to stow her crutches when she opened up the idiot passenger”s overhead bin. That”s when the following exchange took place.

Idiot Passenger: “My overcoat is up there.”
Quick Witted Flight Attendant: “It will fit.” (meaning the crutches)
Idiot Passenger: “It”s CASHMERE!” (meaning the overcoat)
Quick Witted Flight Attendant: “Put it on then.” (meaning STFU)

You can read Jacquelyn’s entire post here:

Three cheers to the quick witted flight attendant.

Crutches trump cashmere every time — as well they should.