Best Western Damage Control

In these days of social media, what once could have been an overlooked complaint, can go viral in a matter of days. Such is the case an incident that happened to Mr. Chad Staples at his recent stay at the Best Western in Monahans, TX. Continue reading

Let Your Voice Be Heard ? Pool and Spa Access

As reported in my last blog post, the Department of Justice delayed implementation of the new pool and spa access to May 21, 2012. They have also opened up the issue for public comment on if the implementation should be further delayed to Sept. 17, 2012 “in the interest of promoting clear and consistent application of the ADA’s requirements to existing facilities.” Continue reading

DOJ Knuckles Under to Powerful Hotel Lobby

In a very disappointing last minute decision, the Department of Justice (DOJ) granted the hotel industry a 60-day extension on the implementation of the new access regulations for pools and hot tubs. Scheduled to go into effect on March15, 2012 the new rules will now become the law of the land on May 15, 2012.

Of will they? Continue reading