Kudos to Nancy Brown!

Those of you who know me well probably also know that I have a long list of pet peeves. Sadly, one of my biggest ones has to do with my own profession – travel writing. I absolutely hate it when a seasoned travel writer ends up in a wheelchair or on crutches and then writes a heartfelt column on what it’s really like to travel when you are disabled.

Like this is big news to the rest of us. Continue reading

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail gets a thumbs-up for access.

The last time I visited Indianapolis, Washington Street was filled with construction workers, the JW Marriott had just broken ground, and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail was still a work in progress. This time around things were different. I stayed in the JW Marriott, the Washington Street construction is moving along, and I had a great time exploring the very accessible Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Continue reading

Cherrie Goes Yurting

Cherrie at the accessible Red Fox yurt at Snow Mountain Ranch, near Granby Colorado.

I first discovered yurts about 12 years ago, when I was doing a story on the Oregon Coast. I accidentally stumbled into a campground and saw this domed tent and wondered what it was. Come to find out it was a yurt, and at that time they were all the rage at Oregon state parks. Continue reading

Best Western Damage Control

In these days of social media, what once could have been an overlooked complaint, can go viral in a matter of days. Such is the case an incident that happened to Mr. Chad Staples at his recent stay at the Best Western in Monahans, TX. Continue reading

Things are Not Always as They Seem

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the Horizon Air incident involving a man with end stage Parkinsons, a good Samaritan and a Facebook post that went viral. As is often the case with things of this nature, there are a number of conflicting versions of the story; but here’s what I’ve been able to sort out from statements made by Glen Johnson, Horizon Air President. Continue reading

Appellate Court Reverses Disney Segway Decision

In a 3-0 ruling on July 18, 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Disneyland must make reasonable modifications to permit the use of Segways in their park , unless it can demonstrate that the device can’t be operated in accordance with legitimate safety requirements. Continue reading

Cherrie Visits Old Iron Town

Cherrie was able to wheel around to many parts of Iron Town, located just west of Cedar City, utah.

Located just a short drive from Cedar City Utah, Old Iron Town is definitely worth a side trip when you’re in the area.

Cherry enjoyed wheeling around the ruins of this one-time iron works, which was abandoned by the Mormons in 1876. Continue reading