New Zealand Bound

Well it’s time to hit the road again, and this time we are off to New Zealand. I was totally impressed with the access on my last visit to the North Island, and am looking forward to exploring the South Island with Charles and Cherrie on this visit.

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DOT Seeks Input on Airport Service Animal Relief Areas

The DOT has been a busy little agency of late, with two sets of proposed access regulations released within days of each other. The first set, which was issued late last month involves accessible airline websites and airport kiosks; while the most recent set addresses airport service animal relief areas. Continue reading

Troubling Royal Air Maroc Incident

I hear a lot of stories about air travel gone wrong, and at this point it’s kind of hard to throw something new my way. Kind of hard, but not impossible; as evidenced by the following saga of Abdelkader Sifer and his daughter Siham on a recent Royal Air Maroc flight. Continue reading

Quad Booted From Frontier Flight

John Morris was on his way to Fort Collins on Sunday, when Frontier Airlines put a little kink in his travel plans. John, who is a quad, has flown before with Frontier; and since he’s an old hand, he already has his own inflight restraint system figured out. It’s something that some quads have to do, especially if they don’t have much trunk support. Sure, you’re fine in your custom wheelchair, but it’s an entirely different story in an airplane seat. Continue reading