FAA Weighs in on Seatbelt Extensions for Torso Support

Although the blogosphere is all atwitter about the recent denied boarding of a quadriplegic passenger who used seatbelt extensions to stabilize his chest and legs, nobody has really addressed the legality of it all. That’s because there’s really nothing in the Air Carrier Access Act that specifically allows or prohibits this type of adaptation. Not just seatbelt extensions, but any kind of torso support. Continue reading

Quad Booted From Frontier Flight

John Morris was on his way to Fort Collins on Sunday, when Frontier Airlines put a little kink in his travel plans. John, who is a quad, has flown before with Frontier; and since he’s an old hand, he already has his own inflight restraint system figured out. It’s something that some quads have to do, especially if they don’t have much trunk support. Sure, you’re fine in your custom wheelchair, but it’s an entirely different story in an airplane seat. Continue reading