Improved Access Coming to Glacier National Park

I had a great time when we visited Glacier National Park last year; however I was a bit disappointed that the iconic Red Bus Tours were not accessible. Well, all that’s about to change, as the new park concessionaire — Xanterra Parks and Resorts — recently announced that they plan to upgrade the fleet and add two accessible buses.

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Enjoying Whiskey and Huckleberries in Big Sky Country

A little whiskey tasting at Glacier Distilling

A lot of folks ask me how I deal with the weather when traveling around the world. Well, sometimes you just have to make alternative inside plans when Mother Nature throws you a curve ball. And yesterday was one of those days. After a beautiful morning of hiking in Glacier National Park, the heavens opened up and good old Mom Nature unleashed a good old fashioned gully washer on us. Luckily we were able to find some fun and accessible things to do inside, near West Glacier, Montana. Continue reading

A Scenic Break on the Trans-Canadian Highway

The great thing about road trips is that getting there can be half the fun. Such was the case yesterday when we traveled across the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) from Kamloops to Banff. Not only did we get some great windshield views, but we also found a nicely accessible boardwalk trail. And that’s something that wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t driving. Continue reading