Ho Chi Minh City to Build Accessible Public Transport

Access is looking up these days in Vietnam, as the powers that be in Ho Chi Minh City have announced that the new metro and monorail systems will be wheelchair-accessible. The last time I visited the city, access was extremely lacking, so I’m happy to hear of any move in a positive direction. Continue reading

Mumbai Rail Officials Consider Decreasing Disabled Space

According to the Mid Day, pregnant women may soon be allowed to board the Mumbai commuter train cars reserved for disabled passengers. Apparently this isn’t the first time this rule change has been proposed by the National Railway Users Consultative Committee; however last time up, rail officials rejected it outright. Their reason? “It would be difficult to identify all pregnant women.”

Point taken.

So this time they are thinking about limiting the privilege to women in their third trimester. Presumably they would be easier to identify. Continue reading