An Informal Study on Pool Accessibility

As I make my way across the country on this two-month road trip, I just can’t help checking out the swimming pools at the properties I stay at along the way. Not only do I really enjoy the water, but I’m also interested in seeing how many properties are taking steps to be in compliance with the new ADA accessibility regulations for pools and spas. Granted, the regulations don’t go into effect until January 2013, but I’m just curious about how we are doing right now. And although it’s far from a scientific study, here’s what I found out about pool accessibility – or lack thereof – in a wide range of properties across America. Continue reading

Truth or Consequences Access Improving

Hacienda Mexican Restaurante

Located in Southern New Mexico, Truth or Consequences is a favorite getaway spot for us. That said, it’s not the most accessible city in the world. It?s a historic little town, with sidewalks in need of repair and curb-cuts that are somewhat of a challenge. And many of the businesses have steps up into them. It?’ a town with a lot of potential, but it really needs some TLC. Continue reading