Cherrie Visits Old Iron Town

Cherrie was able to wheel around to many parts of Iron Town, located just west of Cedar City, utah.

Located just a short drive from Cedar City Utah, Old Iron Town is definitely worth a side trip when you’re in the area.

Cherry enjoyed wheeling around the ruins of this one-time iron works, which was abandoned by the Mormons in 1876. Continue reading

It’s Here!

Happy to see my newest title -- 22 Accessible Road Trips; Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers.

No matter how many books you write, it’s always a thrill to see a new title in print for the very first time. And that happened once again yesterday when I got a box of 22 Accessible Road Trips; Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers delivered to my front door.

And I have to say I’m very happy with the end product. Continue reading

Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest “Photo 1” Winner

Giant Roadrunner Sculpture, near Las Cruces, New Mexico Airport.

Congratulations to John Mattson, who was the first person to correctly identify Las Cruces, New Mexico as the location of photo 1 in the Where?s Cherrie Road Trip Contest. Continue reading

Where?s Cherrie Road Trip Contest ? Photo 1

Where's Cherrie?

As promised folks, here’s the first photo in our Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest. This is a pretty easy one, if you’ve been following us; so this first challenge will require a two-part answer.

The first person to correctly identify the location (city and state) of this roadrunner sculpture AND to tell me what it’s made of will win a cool road trip prize. Continue reading