Detroit Airport Under Fire by Disability Advocates

Like many wheelchair-users, Paul Palmer uses public transportation to get to and from the airport. And for a long time that worked out just fine for him at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. That is until the airport moved their bus loading/unloading zone from the terminal, to the far end of the half-mile-long Ground Transportation Center located across the street. Continue reading

Bloomberg Swings and Misses with New Accessible Taxi Dispatch

At first glance the new accessible taxi dispatch system for New York City seems like a good thing. After all, less than 2% of New York City cabs are wheelchair-accessible, so actually finding one when you need one can be somewhat of a Herculean task. So what could be better than calling 311 to order your own accessible taxi? Continue reading

Are We Really the Leader?

Last week a journalist friend was bouncing some ideas off me for a column he was doing on accessible travel. He tends to ask thought provoking questions, but this time he really gave me pause for thought with one of his queries. His premise was that we (the US) are “the leader” in accessibility, and he wanted to know what we as a nation have done to influence access improvements in other countries.

Quite frankly, I think I caught him off guard with my answer. “Do you really think we’re the leader? Because I don’t,” I replied. Continue reading