Cherrie Goes Yurting

Cherrie at the accessible Red Fox yurt at Snow Mountain Ranch, near Granby Colorado.

I first discovered yurts about 12 years ago, when I was doing a story on the Oregon Coast. I accidentally stumbled into a campground and saw this domed tent and wondered what it was. Come to find out it was a yurt, and at that time they were all the rage at Oregon state parks. Continue reading

Nostalgic Road Trip Stop in Cedar City, Utah

Whipping up a tasty treat at Bulloch Drug in Cedar City, Utah.

Nothing screams road trip like a little nostalgia. And for a cool blast from the past, be sure to stop in at Bulloch Drug on your next Zion or Bryce road trip. Just take exit 42, turn right on US 91, and tool on down the road till you see Bulloch Drug on your left. You can’t miss it. Continue reading

Improved Access at Vermont Glassblowing Studio

Thanks to fellow travel blogger Diane Daniel for giving me the heads up on some new access upgrades over in Vermont. Unfortunately this is kind of a bad news —  good news scenario, as the upgrades were made after substantial damage was sustained from Hurricane Irene. Continue reading

Wheelchair-Accessible Thermal Pools in New Zealand

Cherrie enjoying the nicely accessible thermal pools at Hanmer Springs, New Zealand.

Unfortunately I have to preface this blog post with this notice. The photos on this blog are the copyrighted property of Charles Pannell, and SATW and/or its employees or agents have no authority to use them in any way or to repost them. Sorry guys, but after having photos lifted twice in less than a week by the organization, I’m a little wary.

Now.. on to the meat of the post.

I have to say that I continue to be impressed with the accessibility in New Zealand. Take today, for example, when we visited the thermal pools at Hanmer Springs. Sure, I expected to find accessible changing rooms and barrier-free access to some of the pools; but they of course went one step further. Continue reading

Enjoy Family Day at Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Cherrie enjoying one of three wheelchair-accessible trails at Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

If you’re looking for one last family outing before summer comes to an end, then head on up to Calaveras Big Trees State Park on Saturday August 20, and enjoy Family Day at the park. Located in Arnold, about a half-hour north of Sonora, this off-the-beaten-path California state park features two Giant Sequoia groves, with wheelchair-accessible trails through both of them.

Continue reading

Big Bottom Market Launches Winemaker Thursdays

The Big Bottom Market in Guerneville offers some tasty lunch selections

My friends at the incredibly cool Big Bottom Market in Guerneville just launched a fun new Thursday evening event — Winemaker Thursdays. It’s pretty much what the name implies — every Thursday evening a local winemaker will be invited to showcase their wines, share their story and even discuss wine and food pairings. Continue reading

RIP Quarry Cove

Sometimes Mother Nature isn’t very cooperative. That’s especially true when access is concerned. Face it, with one fell swoop she can turn a nice accessible dirt trail into a God awful muddy mess, by just unleashing one of her sudden downpours.

She’s a uppity broad, if I ever saw one. Continue reading

Dublin Goes Green (and Blue) with New Electric Cabs

Kudos to the powers that be over in Dublin for actually considering access when setting up their new electric taxi program. This joint pilot project between the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and National Radio Cabs (NRC) brought two new electric cabs to Dublin.

And the really great part? One of those vehicles — the Peugeot Expert — is wheelchair-accessible. Continue reading

Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest — Photo 3

Cherrie relaxing at the Seventy Four Ranch B&B in Jasper, GA.

Today’s Where’s Cherrie photo is going to take a different direction. I’m going to tell you where she is, and then ask you a trivia question associated with the location. Continue reading

Where?s Cherrie Road Trip Contest ? Photo 1

Where's Cherrie?

As promised folks, here’s the first photo in our Where’s Cherrie Road Trip Contest. This is a pretty easy one, if you’ve been following us; so this first challenge will require a two-part answer.

The first person to correctly identify the location (city and state) of this roadrunner sculpture AND to tell me what it’s made of will win a cool road trip prize. Continue reading